frequently asked questions


Q1. What is the shelf life of your products?

We can guarantee all of our products to still be in their prime if used within 12 months of the purchase date. After this time the products may still be used, but may not have the scent or effectiveness that it once had. Specifically regarding beard oils — After a few months you may notice separation in the oils. If this happens, simply shake your bottle to remix the product.

Q2. When will I receive my order?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 2 business days. You can read more on our shipping policy here.

Q3. Can your products cure my psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc.?

Our products are not drugs, which according to the FDA is "a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease." All of our products are meant to be used for cosmetic purposes only. However, we have received positive feedback from our customers that some of our products have helped to soothe the irritation of certain skin conditions, but we cannot say definitively that they will help you or your skin issues.

Q4. What is Epiphany Gives Back?

Each year, we partner with ASPCA® to make a donation in an effort to help put an end to animal cruelty. You can read more about our program here.

Q5. Is my information secure on this site?

Absolutely. You can read our Privacy Policy here for more information.

Q6. Where can I purchase your products?

We are a company exclusive brand. This means you can only purchase from us by using our website or visiting us at an event. We believe the customer experience is of the utmost importance. The only way for us to ensure that you are getting the best experience possible is to buy your products directly from us.

Q7. Is there a discount code that I can use for my order?

We do offer discounts from time to time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know. You can also Join our Tribe to receive 20% off your first order now!

If you have a question that you do not see answered here, please contact us.